Under this program, volunteers will be placed in an orphanage. Some placements allow the volunteer to live within the orphanage, however, volunteers can also choose to be placed with our local host family located within a walk-able distance from the orphanage home. Your role as an Orphanage Volunteer is to be a big brother or sister to the children. What you will be doing will vary in each orphanage.

Being at children home or orphanages, you can be involved in teaching English. English may be the first choice as you might not be able to teach common subjects such as Maths or Science with the language barrier. You could help the children in other areas – basic hygiene for example, like regular teeth brushing and hand washing. Games, songs and other activities will be extremely popular with the children. You might be involve in carrying out extra-curricular activities with children such as conducting talent competitions, quiz, drawing competitions, carrying out dramas separating them into groups, yogas, morning exercises and more. Some of the older children may be encouraged to develop skills that may help them in later life such as paper making, sewing or maintenance work or maybe you can give them class or lessons on to how to increase their confidence level, how to live life positively, how to make the ways to make their dream come true or things as such.

You may be required to help in other ways besides simply working with the children – for example helping with medical visits, cleaning, gardening, teaching the house mothers how to properly clean, doing repairs, mending clothing, planning activities for after children return from school and perhaps preparing meals. Once the children return from school, your role will be to assist and encourage them with their homework as well as play with them.

During your placement you will be provided with Nepali food Daal (lentil soup), bhaat (rice) with vegetable and sometimes eggs or meat if you are non-vegetarian.

You will have to pay $ 50 extra as registration fee at the time you apply. If you will cancel your registration bank charges will be deducted, $ 10 will be deposited into our account which will be used for training program.

Rest of your money will be refunded back after your consultation.

Program Cost

Program Duration

Cost in $ 

 1 week


 2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks (1 month)


2 months


3 months


Please send scanned image of your tickets and your photograph after you get your ticket booked. Focused staff will be there at airport to receive you on the date of your arrival.

You will have your orientation class on the 1st day where you will be taught about culture and tradition of Nepal. You will be given one hour of basic Nepali language class and a guide book for Nepali language. You will have to give short presentation during your orientation about yourself and the work you have planned to do during your voluntering period.

Focused team member will be regularly incontact with you during your volunteering period. You can share your views and if  problem (any) to the member via email, phone or in person.

Focused member will drop you to airport at the time of your departure.

“Have a pleasure stay with us here in Nepal”

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