Support for Kitchen Equipment

Focused Nepal is a charity organization based in Kathmandu which works directly with poor children who face a bleak future as child labourers if they are unable to get a basic education.

Six days per week, a group of children is provided with individual assistance with

– completing their school work to ensure they remain in the school system,
– healthy food and sanitation habits,
– interacting in safe and healthy ways with others, and
– exploring their potential for a brighter future.

Focused Nepal is currently working with their second group of children and the transformation is very visible and encouraging.


You can see the happiness of the children in some of the videos on the Focused Nepal Facebook page .

Until now, the founders of Focused Nepal have been absorbed with their programs and not spent much time with promoting their efforts or seeking funding. In fact, until now, they often contribute from their own meagre personal funds to support the operational expenses.

They have rented a basic office and classroom facility with a very basic kitchen. They need to upgrade their kitchen equipment to properly provide a healthy meal to the children – many of them only eat one meal a day otherwise.

The funds raised will be used to buy

– a refrigerator
– a hot water dispenser for winter months
– a hot water heater for the kitchen.

All of these investments will directly benefit the children each day.

Winters in Kathmandu are cold and the space rented has only very basic heating – the hot water facilities will greatly increase the wellbeing of the children and the refrigerator will enable the organization to store food which will reduce their operating expenses.

I started this fundraiser as a result of visiting Focused Nepal and interacting with the organizers and children in their activities. I saw with my own eyes the happiness these children have and how they are developing.

All funds net of transaction fees will be sent directly to the Focused Nepal organizers and will be used directly to assist the children.

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