As a volunteer in FOCUSED, Monk teaching project, you will primarily work as English instructors in the schools of Tibetan Children’s Village or monasteries inside Kathmandu Valley. You will teach English to Tibetan kids/youth for 3-4 hours a day. In addition to English teaching, volunteers will assist in other school extracurricular activities and administration. In the evening, you can organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education and extracurricular activities.

Morning and late evening time is free. If you love Buddhism, this is the perfect time to join meditation, rituals, prays, and songs with the Buddhist monks. This project gives perfect opportunities to immerse in Buddhist religion and lifestyle.
As a volunteer you will be teaching and tutoring English to Buddhist monks, assisting with creating low-cost teaching material, sharing teaching methodology with local monastery teachers.

You will have to pay $ 50 extra as registration fee at the time you apply. If you will cancel your registration bank charges will be deducted, $ 10 will be deposited into our account which will be used for training program.

Rest of your money will be refunded back after your consultation.

 Program Duration

Cost in $ 

 1 Week


2 Weeks


3 Weeks


4 Weeks


5 Weeks (1 month)


2 Months


3 months


Please send scanned image of your tickets and your photograph after you get your ticket booked. Focused staff will be there at airport to receive you on the date of your arrival.

You will have your orientation class on the 1st day where you will be taught about culture and tradition of Nepal. You will be given one hour of basic Nepali language class and a guide book for Nepali language. You will have to give short presentation during your orientation about yourself and the work you have planned to do during your voluntering period.

Focused team member will be regularly incontact with you during your volunteering period. You can share your views and if  problem (any) to the member via email, phone or in person.

Focused member will drop you to airport at the time of your departure.

“Have a pleasure stay with us here in Nepal”


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