Distribution of Clothes and Shoes at Nallu Village- Lele Lalitpur District

Distributing clothes (New or Used) was first project of ours before registration of the organization. We were from the beginning interested in social work. One day randomly, we thought of creating the page ‘Together for Needy’ to collect clothes from the friends circle, from facebook friends. We appealed for collection of clothes on our facebook page ‘Together for Needy’ and on our personal facebook profile as status. Many of the known and unknown individual preferred to support their used and unused clothes. We personally arranged to pick up clothes from our supporters who believed in us. Our first supporters were all Nepalese people. We were able to collect more than 300 pairs of used and new clothes. Not only clothes, we were able to collect even 100 pair of baby/young children shoes. We decided to distribute clothes at Lele. We packed all the clothes and shoes.

cloth donation

We personally arranged for transportation and volunteers, Volunteers were our family members and few friends. We went to NALLU Village at Lele, Lalitpur district. We found this was Tamang Village which was poor community. We distributed all 300 pairs of clothes and 100 pairs of shoes to those needy people. We brought smiles on almost all the small families at the village and we were able to keep families warm and happy on winter.

This brought confidence on us and we believed our program was grand success.

Support for Wheelchair

We were asked from a said brother of a paralyzed sister to help his sister for a wheelchair in village at Rukum district. His sister had backbone broken which had no treatment possible. Half of the body below waist of his sister didn’t work and is at wheelchair for more than 10 years. We were able to get his sister a wheelchair from our international supporter.

wheel chair

Earthquake Projects

Sooner to our first project, Nepal had to go through the massive earthquake on April 2015 followed by again on May, 2015 with also many aftershocks. Many people lost their homes and lives. Many people lived in tent for more than a month and even we did. But we again felt the need of ours for people of our country and nation. We decided to conduct relief programmes for the needy. With the help of our network with some closely known international supporters and with generating fund from ourselves, we finally moves forward to conduct some relief programmes for our brothers and sisters who were going through hardships. So, during earthquake:

  • Food and Medicine Distribution Programme at Sankhu :

We at the beginning conducted food distribution programme at Sankhu village at Bhaktapur District. People there were highly affected by earthquake. We distributed food and jeevan jal (anti –diarrhea powder), piyush (water cleaning droplets) to the victims. We supported 4 sacks of food to almost 25 families, which we only could afford at that time.



  • Blankets, Mosquito Nets, Medicine and Sanitary Pads Distribution at Kavre:

With no money and we becoming student and earner with very less income, we couldn’t even think of conducting next programme. But with connection from our international friend who really wished to support for earthquake victims asked if we could help earthquake victims. We agreed. Because people had to stay in outside tent, and there was chance of disease spreading because of earthquake and mosquito bite, we planned for another programme: distribution of blankets and mosquito nets. We decided to distribute it to Kavre district, one of the earthquake affected village. We arranged for transportation, volunteers, getting blankets, mosquito nets, medicines, sanitary pads to distribute to Kavre victims. We distributed 50 blankets, 50 nets, 50 sanitary pads and 50 piyush (water cleaning droplets) to 50 families. This programme was grand success and gave us huge satisfaction.


  • Food and Medicine Distribution at Dakshinkali, Chaimale village:

Again we planned for arranging another relief programme because one of our close friend from Taiwan wanted to support for food to earthquake victims. We again planned for the next programme. We distributed rice, oil, salt, spices, sugar, piyush to 51 poor families at Dakshinkali, Chaimale Village.



These social works were done with the facebook page name ‘Together for Needy’. It brought level of confidence about we could do something for society and nation. This deeply interested us more to work to help for the needy ones, to do more for society and community. We finally decided to build up our career on social sector i.e. working for social cause. We decided to establish NGO to support needy children, youth, women and community to make difference in the world.

We worked for registration.  Since, the name ‘Together for Needy’ was not allowed by District Administration Office and wanted Nepali name. We registered our organization on August, 2015 with Nepali name ‘Samajik Paryabaran tatha Baalbalika Uthan Foundation’ when converted into English was named as ‘Foundation of Child Uplift and Socio-Environmental Development’. We abbreviated it as “FOCUSED‘ because we focus to ‘Work for Change’.

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