Group of Young self -motivated Starter

FOCUSED is initiated with the group of motivated youths who like to work and serve for community and nation.

  • Quality

FOCUSED provides quality service to its stakeholders in every area stakeholders are involved in. To ensure quality service, FOCUSED adopt the quality measurement techniques. With our affordable programs, we pride ourselves on the superior programs and support services to our stakeholders. With our local passionate team, we also work to be one of the top volunteer travel providers aiming joined by thousands of returning volunteers every year.

  • Responsibility

Quality and responsibility go hand in hand. At FOCUSED, we are dedicated to ensuring our programs responsibly run and have a positive impact that is sustainable over time. We work closely to ensure our programs meet all of our stakeholder’s expectations.  FOCUSED volunteers are also briefed about our standards for responsible volunteering before they begin a program, and they are required to adhere to these standards at all times, particularly in relation to interacting with placement area. We measure the long-term impact of our programs and we work with community stakeholders to understand how specific projects support local needs.

  • Support and Safety

From the first point of contact with FOCUSED until the time you finish your program, you will receive dedicated support and service from us. These supports include timely information on how the project or programme is going, interactive volunteer training, information booklets and checklists that help you to remember key things. FOCUSED Program Manager is directly responsible for making your program arrangements and helping you to prepare for your experience. FOCUSED will remain in touch with you via email and will be accessible should you require any assistance. Once you’ve completed your program, we’ll get back in touch to hear about the experience you had with FOCUSED.

We have clear standards for risk management which we enforce on each program and on our volunteer placement program, we ensure our volunteers are placed with trustworthy institutions, organizations and families that have all been screened by our local teams. FOCUSED staff members conduct regular audits of every program to ensure risks are appropriately mitigated and to confirm that we are meeting our duty of care for safety and security.

  • Friendship

FOCUSED works to forming life-long friendships of supporters, visitors and volunteers. We tend to form strong bonds with our fellow stakeholders. Although they come from vastly different cultures and backgrounds, the experiences that each of our stakeholders will get will share forge strong ties that will last a lifetime.

  • Loyalty

We make all our program fee and project cost transparent clear and transparent. In the case of your registration fee if refunded, we keep $ 10 to our account and that will be deposited to registration fund refund account which will be used for conducting training programs in the village areas. This allows us to make a long-term contribution to the social needs and economic prosperity of the deprived communities.

Your registration fee will also be refunded deducting bank charges that takes to return back the fees to your account where applicable. If you change to change your mind of volunteering it should be no later than 15 days before your program start date.

We also reward our returning volunteers with 10% registration fee refunds.

  • Tour and Trekking Programs

FOCUSED will help to organize good tour or trekking programme if volunteer like to be involved in tour and trekking for refreshment with the help of its local partner organization at the minimum affordable cost.

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