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According to WHO “, Health is a state of complete, physical, mental and social well-being & not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Many people might have different opinion toward the definition of health. In simple words, we can say health is the normal condition of the entire system of our body. When a person is healthy he/she has the sound body, mind and soul. We all are in the 21st century and technology has hyped far beyond our imagination. We have been so busy with our regular lifestyle that with the increment of an every single day, we are compelling our body to be a machine. In such a busy and hectic schedule how can we take care of our body? After being a human, our body is compelled to work as a robot and get no rest at all. Is it possible to get a healthy body?

Our lifestyle have changed. In the past days, people used to be quite healthier and stronger as well, just due to the fact that the food they consumed and the oxygen they used to breathe in were very much healthier. Also, the food crops were grown without using any harmful insecticides and pesticides. But, the time has changed now. Every single food we consume aren’t made without using a drop of harmful chemicals. Also, the oxygen we breathe in contains harmful gases too. Technology have developed a lot which is making us lazier day by day. When a person does no any physical exercise and keeps on consuming harmful foods. The quality of our health is degrading and pushing us toward the mouth of death.

But, is it easy for our life to get expired? Is it mandatory we have to leave our last breath very easily? I guess, the answer could be a “No”. Due to the environment we are living in and due to everything. We are consuming the organs and system of our body is slowly and gradually destructing. This process won’t let anyone to leave their last breath easily. There might be several stages we have to go through because of our bad health status. We might get suffer from various chronic disease. Such as cancer, brain hemorrhage, typhoid, jaundice and many others. These days we’ve been suffering from the kind of disease we haven’t even heard in the previous days. So, in such midst we must maintain good health and in order to maintain good health, the foremost and mandatory step we need to take is, “Regular health checkup”.

Regular health checkup, in some cases we might think is that could be waste of money or something not affordable, But sometime what might happen is we might suffer from headache or any normal kind of pain  and we keep on ignoring all those symptoms but when the condition gets too severe or too critical or sometime very worst. Then only we visit doctor, the disease sometime might not be able to get cured or the treatment cost could be very high for a middle class people, Due to which we need to gets lots and lots of physical pain and wastage of money.

Now, let’s think that what if we had visited doctor earlier and had early treatment? Of course, the pain to our body could be less definitely and the financial expenses would have been less up to large extent. It is always said, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, let’s be wise and save our health and money both until and unless it’s too late.


Miss Anila Giri

(She is a BSW Student in Relaiance Academy)

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