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FOCUSED Learning Ladder –For Children will be a transformative pathway to providing poor, needy and disadvantaged children of lower middle class and lower class family access to resources and the means to change the cycle of poverty.

The proposed center will integrate research, education and training on child welfare and related services. In brief, the center will partner with professionals, communities and families to do better at our community’s most important job – taking care of the children – help them explore themselves provide means to assist and mentor for their education and their talents.

Guaranteed child care for middle- and low-income families with children aged 13 or younger to ensure that child care for them at their early age will help them have most required physical and mental growth. It has marked the first time middle and low-income families would have access to the same child care assistance program –that would help them to have their children grow in family environment with full to care and support. This set of policies makes investing in children’s healthy development and their parent’s ability to go to work to earn a decent living a national economic priority.

We have selected 16 deserving children for this program whom we can grow and groom. Children are provided with one time nutritional food as after school lunch,they are assisted with their homework and thru mentor they are trained and guided for their physical,mental and social growth.

You can support for one time or become monthly donors to meet up the expenses such as food, stationary, electricity,  rent, games, remuneration to non teaching staff and other administration cost. To get information about it in more detail; please drop an e-mail to :